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The beginning of our travel-report from our trip to Bali and Lombok, Christmas 2006-2007

How it all began. . .

"Where will we go on holiday this year?" Each year a question.
The only thing we were sure of, was the period; Christmas Holiday.
Last year we spent Christmas in Malaysia. That was a good choice, no Christmas obligations, warm temperature, no Jingle Bells! Not bad at all.
Asia is our favourite, but we also wanted to visit Africa; Kenya or Tanzania.
But a classmate of Anique, Mo had a presentation at school about Proyek Kampung Loco. This is a project in Lombok, Indonesia. The project supports a village in Lombok, Kampung Loco, especially by giving children a possibility to go to school.
We had never heard of this project. Anique was very excited, all children in the class had received a photograph with the children of the village which could already go to school thanks to the project. On the photo also was the name of the website;
After a while we visited the site and were quite impressed by the things the project did to help, and by the way they offered help.
A while later, the children from the class of Anique organized a project; Indonesia. Joep and Marijke, the Dutch founders of Proyek Kampung Loco, were also in the classroom and told about Indonesia and Kampung Loco.
The project was completed by a kind of pasar, Indonesian market, in the classroom. All the money the children earned, was for Proyek Kampung Loco. The children sold things they had made themselves, sold snacks and danced for charity. Peter and I went to the market and had a chat with Joep and Marijke. "It would be nice to visit Kampung Loco one day" we said. Anique even wrote a message in the guestbook on the website:
  Anique - Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 14:51
I think it’s great our school collected so much money for Kampung Loco. I liked the fact that you were there. I would like to pay the children in Kampung Loco a visit. Maybe we could dance together.
That wish would be fulfilled…

Together with the whole class, the children raised enough money to have Hariadi, a cute boy from Loco, go to school. They also could buy some school-stuff, pens, pencils, books for the Indonesian children.

But we still hadn’t decided where to spend our next holidays.
But we soon decided, we forgot about Africa, we wanted to go to Indonesia, 'Bali and Lombok " sounded very nice. Especially in combination with Kampung Loco.
So we planned our holidays, first one week to Bali, a complete private tour with guide and driver, then one week to Lombok, 3 days in Kuta and 4 days in Senggigi, close to Kampung Loco.
Then the preparations began, reading books, surfing the web for information about Bali and Lombok etc.
When the holiday was booked, we contacted Joep and Marijke, asked if they coincidentally would be in Lombok around Christmas. We also decided to make a contribution to the project, on behalf of Orbis and private. Very quickly we got a very excited e-mail from them. A thousand thanks for the contribution. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t be in Loco in January, but Eful (one of the project staff-members in Lombok) will guide us through Loco. We were very welcome.
Then everything went very fast. Before we left, Joep and Mary went to Lombok for a few weeks, for holidays but also to arrange things for the project.
We read all the travel reports they sent by mail.
I've always been fond of travel-reports, but if you know that you will soon visit the same place, they are even more exciting!
From Lombok we soon got the message that the Orbis contribution would be spent on a drinking water tank in  Loco. Many people in the village (especially people who live on top of a mountain) take their water from a well or collect rainwater. This is fine for washing, and laundry, but not safe for drinking.
With the money Orbis donated, they could place a huge water tank on a central location in the village. The tank is connected to the waterworks.
This was a great improvement for the people, now everyone had access to safe drinking water.
There was still enough money for the construction of street lighting along the path of Kampung Loco to the main road in Senggigi. A narrow bumpy track along a (usually dry) river / stream.
And then there was still some money to buy a music system, which could be used at parties in the village, dance etc.
It is unbelievable, but the 4 weeks that Joep Marijke were in Lombok, all these plans were made, and carried out. So, before we left to Lombok, we had already seen the new things for the village on photo and film. Even the watertank with the name of the sponsor written on it. Good advertising for Orbis! Great!
From the private money we donated, we got a sponsor child, Nurul Hasanah, a lovely happy smiling girl, about the same age as Anique.
Just before we left, we visited Joep and Marijke, and watched all the photos and films of the project. In Lombok, Joep also showed the film he made at Anique’s school, when Anique was dancing to collect money for Lombok. Meanwhile, we had decided that the money Orbis usually spent on Christmas gifts for clients and relations, we would donate to Proyek Kampung Loco. When we told this to Joep and Marijke they were very surprised and moved. They would think of a way to use the money for Kampung Loco.
A few days later (and a few days before we left), we got a proposal, the money would be very useful for the education of a 15-year-old girl, Daan. She completed Junior Highschool and wanted to study English, together with a friend who already had a sponsor from the Netherlands. We agreed with this plan, and could tell Daan in Lombok she has a sponsor, so she can study...

In Bali and Lombok we had 2 unforgettable weeks, the country, culture, nature, but most of all the people made a deep impression on us. The gratitude, kindness, hospitality; unbelievable.
Bali and Lombok were great. Kampung Loco was really fantastic! We were welcomed as guests, a few days later we left and said goodbye as friends. Very impressive.

Back in Holland we are increasingly involved in Proyek Kampung Loco, especially after Tom became webmaster of the Proyek.
Finding our next holiday-destination was no problem…Bali and Lombok.

Now we visited Bali and Lombok several times, we have spend a lot of time in Kampung Loco. Also when we are in the Netherlands, we keep close contact with  our 3 sponsor children in Loco.

But also with people outside Kampung Loco.
Lombok, Senggigi area in particular, has become our regular vacation spot.
During our second trip to Lombok we met a great guy, Mohni Haliman. He was diving teacher and instructed and guided Peter and Tom during their first diving lessons in open water.
Mohni started, with our help, a diving school, completely run by local people.
This we find very beautiful and impressive. Mohni got a chance to build up something, and now he also offers other people an advantage by helping them.
He now runs a diving school, Lombok Dive. Several young people from Lombok work in the diving school. In exchange for the work they do, Mohni gives them a chance to learn a job.
A boy who began as supervisor of snorkeling groups, now can have dive training. Something he never could pay himself.
Mohni is very friendly, and tries to help a lot of people in Lombok.

Kampung Loco is still our "home" on Lombok. The assistance of the Proyek is still very necessary, the Proyek is doing great things for the inhabitants.

But also outside Loco there are many people who could use some help.
These people we are trying to reach and help, and it when we were talking about it, Mohni spontaneously offered his help.
He knows Lombok, the people and their culture. Speaks the same language and we know that he will do everything to help the people, that he wants to give them a chance, just like he got a chance himself.

With the help of Mohni we found a name for the project. Unfortunately, our Indonesian still is not perfect at all. We liked Mimpi Anak, something like Children’s dream, we thought. 
Mohni liked the idea, but it was linguistic not perfect; Impian Anak was the right translation for Children’s Dream.

So we had a name, and now also a website, with our own webmaster and web designer Tom, who already has a lot of experience with websites!

Mohni is now looking for "Anak kurang mampu", children whose parents have little money, too little for allowing children to attend school.
And these are the children who most urgently need help. - tel: +31 478 539091 - Bankrekening: NL77 KNAB 0205 9517 32 t.n.v. Stg. Impian Anak te Blitterswijck.             .